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Going up Fraser Island to Orchid Beach

Yamaha F130XA on Vindicator 720 with new Yamaha SDS Talon propeller.

Testing new Vortex Hull and Beach Launch Orchid Beach


Boat Testimonials

6.80m Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boat & Trailer “Strike Two”

After taking delivery of our second Vindicator, we thought that it couldn’t be any better than our first one, But it is! The new Vortex Design Hull sits higher in the waterway and produces less wake. This reflected in the fuel economy which is significantly better than our last model.

Our last model was powered by 2 x 115hp Four Stroke Yamahas, while our new 6.80m has two of the new 130hp Four Stroke Yamahas and they are a beautiful match for this hull. Economy is less than 1 litre per kilometre for both engines. The boat is on the plane in its own length. The 20Deg dead rise hull gives as soft a ride as a Cruisecraft 680, with much more cockpit space and all the benefits of plate aluminium. Vindicator’s usual attention to detail has meant everything works perfectly first time – total peace of mind. A Watson’s Marine Tradition. We believe Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boats are close to the pinnacle of plate aluminium trailer boat building, probably in the world and we have owned many other boats. Yes, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for and after 50 years in business, they will be around to complete your dream project.

We were more than happy to write this testimonial on these awesome boats and trailers.

John Hamilton-Smith & Richard Bernays
Strike 2

7.2m Vindicator Half Cabin “Just 4 Us” & Trailer

We went to the Brisbane Boat Show in 2011 to have a look at what they had to offer in the way of new boats. We had a 6.2 meter Quintrex Boat & were thinking of trading it in on a bigger one. We looked at all the boats at the show & kept coming back to the Vindicator site where we met Frank & Denise Watson.

Denise explained everything we need to know about their Vindicator Boats & we were quite impressed with the quality & workmanship that had gone into building their Boats. Sharon & myself took the brochures went home & read up on everything we could find about the Vindicator Boat range. We really liked the 7.2 meter vessel. But we still had our boat that was doing the job for us at this time & for the next 2 years we kept talking about the Vindicator Boats. Then in December 2013 Frank rang us to see if we were still interested in the Vindicator Boat range. Frank asked Sharon & myself to come up, have a talk & a look at their boats being built in their workshop. We were very impressed at what we had seen & went home to do some serious thinking.

Well, on the 15th January 2014 – my birthday – we signed up for our new 7.2 metre Vindicator Boat. It was not long before Frank soon informed us our 7.2 meter boat had arrived at the shop. Here are just a few pictures of our new 7.2 metre Vindicator Boat starting with the Flat Pac and ending with the finished 7.2 metre Vindicator “Just 4 US” – what a beautiful boat. We also decided to go with the Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailer – NO REGRETS THERE – what a great trailer, very easy to tow, load & unload.

A truly great rig. Thanks to Frank, Denise, Glen & all the Staff at Vindicator Boats & Trailers – it has been a wonderful journey with all of you, we would both love to thank you all very much for a very well done job.

“Just 4 US”
Russell & Sharon Harvey
Bribie Island

5.5m Vindicator Centre Console

We have always had a very keen interest in fishing with our boats gradually increasing in size over the last 20 years. It was always our plan to one day purchase a larger ~ 6m centre console boat for use in our beloved NQ waters between Mackay and Innisfail. Having a young family that were growing before very our eyes we knew the time was right to start seriously looking for our new boat and get back out there with the kids. We settled on the following criteria:

Safety was number 1 so the boat needed to be constructed using the finest of materials including fuel and fire-resistant buoyancy foam.

Plate Alloy Centre Console layout for ease of fishing or crabbing Mangrove Creeks right through today tripping the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef when the weather was right.

Be very stable and support a full-length shade canopy from the NQ sun.

Have a four stroke outboard ensuring reliability, quietness and economy.

After visiting quite a few boat shows and subsequent manufacturers we couldn’t shake the thought of one brand in particular that was simply a standout – Vindicator. We contacted Frank and Denise and after a few lengthy phone calls discussing the details it was an easy decision that we either go a Vindicator or nothing! The rest is history and we are now the very proud owners of a new 5.5 Centre Console with a Yamaha F115a and custom Vindicator trailer. Throughout the build Frank provided regular updates and progressive photos of the boat and trailer coming to life, this was very reassuring to see where our hard earned was being spent at each stage of the build.

My only recommendation if you are in the market for a top quality new plate boat is spend the time and do your research, these really are the best built, get what you pay for boats on the market. Don’t be fooled by its 5.5m badge, this very solid boat has a soft, dry and confident ride that doesn’t knock you around with a long day on the water. A big thanks to the Vindicator team for this exceptional Aussie made product. Aaron, Odette, Ryan & Mitchell Langham

Aaron, Odette, Ryan & Mitchell Langham
Mackay, Qld.

5.8m Vindicator Half Cabin “Y-Knot”

After owning several open run-a-bouts, we decided to upgrade. Since going to Brisbane boat shows, we kept coming back to Vindicator Boats. We talked to Frank & Denise and were invited to go to Tin Can Bay for a test drive. We then knew a 5.8m Vindicator Half Cabin ticked all our boxes and after purchasing the vessel we have since re-located to Groote Eylandt, N.T. Having owned it now for over 12 months we have over 230hrs.

Our boat was fitted with twin Yamaha 70hp; 260 litre fuel capacity. We are very pleased with the 5.8m Vindicator, with its dry ride, capability and performance of the Yamahas and biggest of all, fuel economy. We are very happy with the placement of handles inside the boat and rails to give safety for walking around to anchor. Going from open run-a-bouts to Vindicator was a huge step; we had many questions for Frank & Denise to answer.

They were more than happy to answer those questions and give us advice and knowledge of their boats, that helped us with our decision. The attention to detail and workmanship is second to none; we would like to thank Frank & his Team for your ongoing support at a most remote location.

Rex & Maree Hood – Groote Eylandt, N.T.

5.8m Vindicator Centre Console

Well, it’s nearly 6 months since we took delivery of our Vindicator 5.80m Centre Console.

After some 25 years of retailing various high-quality production craft over these years, I can say without any doubt that our Vindicator 5.80m gives a ride and handling capability instilling that safety factor required for fishing offshore reef or coastal estuaries. Workmanship and finish is excellent from order date to completion. Watson’s Marine instilled confidence in their professional operation. If we were still in business, I would gladly sell the “Vindicator” brand, but fortunately we are retired so just have to go fishing. Thanks to the Watson family for building a great range of craft, arguably the best mono hull we have owned.

Don & Delma Colyer

Trailer Testimonials

660 Whittley Half Cabin Trailer

My wife Joanne and I went to the Brisbane International Boat Show purely to look at boat trailers for our 660 Whittley as our old one was past its use by date. We had both decided we needed to find a trailer that would last the life of our boat.

After looking at several trailers we came upon Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailers, built in Gympie. Being directly involved in aircraft engineering I knew what exactly to look for in an aluminium trailer.

After seeing the Vindicator Alloy Trailers and after talking to Frank, Denise and Glenn we both knew these trailers were built strong, reliably and built for the long haul. It was not long after the show our trailer was underway.

We decided to go with the Stainless Steel braking system, stainless discs, callipers etc. “Frank, your choice of the American Braking System was definitely the way to go, rewarding us with a greater braking force than the steel discs not to mention less to maintain.

I now have the brake controller slider set pretty close to minimum and still feel the pleasant sensation of the fully loaded trailer helping to bring the landcruiser to a stop”. I also asked Frank if he could build a ladder in front of trailer for boarding the boat from the front as we have a Mercruiser Inboard, we have to sink well into the water when launching and retrieving. “Frank, WELL DONE!

It is such a cleaver design and optimally placed, that before you know it, you are on the front deck. Even at home, we prefer to enter the boat using your ladder rather than the ladder on the back of the marlin board”. Joanne and I find launching and retrieving the vessel by ourselves very, very easy due to your great trailer design.

We are both 100% happy not only with your construction, service, the ease to launch and retrieve but also just how convinced we both are with how easy it is to tow at all speeds. Thank you both for an excellent product which I am sure we will have for a lifetime.

Ray & Joanne Bissett
c/o TAE, RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland

Fully Customised Trailer for Catamaran

We recently ordered a fully customised trailer from Watson’s Marine for our catamaran. Frank and his team went above and beyond in every aspect of making sure we were completely satisfied with our purchase. His professionalism, quality of workmanship, welcoming approach and ease of business were all exceptional. Our new trailer makes boating and towing even more pleasurable for our family and we would highly recommend Watson’s Marine for their friendly service and quality products.

The Hatchett Family

5.8m Vindicator Half Cabin, Trailer & Machinery Trailer

I had been on the search for a trailer for my new roller, looking from Darwin to Sydney. We could not find something that would do the job, so we decided to go down the path of building one. I needed something to suit the specifications due to the load it was going to carry, the durability and tare weights. So we decided to go with alloy and that in itself was a real challenge. For one we had to find a trailer that would stand up to the task, due to long trips over bad roads. The products out there are somewhat flimsy and the costs go through the roof for what you get. I was down in my shed where I normally go for a bit of time out, polishing my other love, my Vindicator Boat – “Sonar”. This boat is a product of great design, finish and quality for anything I have ever bought. Our Vindicator Boat & Trailer – What great products! So for a while I thought of having a trailer like what is under my boat. Maybe I could have a trailer like that under the combo roller – How good would that be! The call was made to Watson’s Marine and like always, spoke to Frank, and the question was asked. “Frank, can you build me a trailer, which will do what I need and will carry what I need to carry?” Frank replied, “We will do that for you Jason, no worries”. So once a few design and engineering requirements were spoken about, it was on the drawing board. As always behind a good man there is a good woman. Denise works really hard to achieve the best for you, find the best possible products for your Boat & Trailer. Always keeping in touch with us, throughout the building of our Boat & Trailers with photos & phone calls which was very much appreciated. Our Boat & Trailers are very well made and also well executed throughout the construction. Once again Frank Denise & Team at Watsons Marine – Thanks very much for great products.

Curtis Coast Driveways – Jason & Ngaire Benvenuti – Tannum Sands, 4680
Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boat & Trailer – “Sonar”


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