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Most everything constructed or created by human beings, begins with an idea. Compelling, inspiring visions can touch the core of our being, capture our imagination and activate our passion.

Glenn Watson had a clear and exciting vision for the future, he wanted Watsons Marine to build their own plate alloy boats. After much discussion about his vision & where future possibilities could take them, the father & son team agreed to give it their best.

Frank Watson with years of experience at sea, on charter vessels, trawlers, offshore fishing up & down the Queensland coast on all size vessels and building boats was the perfect person to convert Glenn’s vision into reality.

Frank having the right contacts in the trade, made their job so much easier. In 2000 Watsons Marine delivered their first Vindicator Boat to professional fisherman on Fraser Island. The boat is still being used for professional fishing today and is looking as good as ever.

Currently, Watson’s Marine Centre, is one of the top austrailan boat manufacturers, custom designing & building Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boats as well as a trailer manufacturer in Queensland & Australia building Vindicator Quality Aluminium Trailers. They are one of the best alloy boats and trailers in their class today with a solid reputation of delivering superior crafted vessels and providing exceptional customer service. Our testimonials and the fact they are very hard to find second hand is testimonial to this statement. Building boats & trailers for the Queensland Government under survey makes us extremely proud, the alloy boats & trailers play a very important role in rebuilding our Great Barrier Reef, The Australian Marine Institute of Science and James Cook University play a very important part in this process.

One of the most satisfying days for You, Your Family, Government Departments and Commercial Operators is taking delivery of a new Vindicator Quality Aluminium Boat & Trailer. We know how to make this complex process simple, streamlined and trouble free, making sure each time you get out on the water all systems go and everything is completely ready to go. The team’s dedication to your boating enjoyment and peace of mind is backed by over 50 years of boating knowledge and service. We strive to involve you through every stage of the aluminium boat & trailer build process. You all are not just a customer but an integral team member in the build process.


At Watsons Marine our staff, carefully inspect every boat & trailer destined for our customers, ensuring all components are up to both our standards and yours. We ensure during the handover you feel comfortable and safe on the water with your rig, with this in mind, all customers get hands-on instruction from Frank & Glenn to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your boat’s capabilities. Providing as much training as you need to use your boat, electronics & equipment with confidence.

Our certified craftsmen and technicians are experts in their fields, delivering extremely stable, strong and safe custom-built boats and trailers that are built to last. Being a country family-run business, we treat our customers as an extension of our family—from initial contact through to final delivery of their boat packages and beyond, the decision and commitment to “be the best in the business” is important to our family.

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