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In 1938, Kiyotaka Furuno founded FURUNO ELECTRIC SHOKAI LTD., the predecessor of FURUNO ELECTRIC CO. LTD.  While handling the works of outfitting electronics onboard vessels, he felt a strong urge to modernize fisheries, which led to his venture into developing fish finders. He successfully commercialized the world’s first practical fish finder in 1948.

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Furuno FCV_588 - 8.4" Colour LCD Fish Finder

Furuno FCV-588

Featuring a 8.4″ colour LCD screen fish finder, a simple classic we all love and adore. The 588’s technology just took a big leap with RezBoostTM.

Improved clarity and resolution that was previously impossible with the conventional narrowband transducers has been made possible thanks to RevBoost Technology.

Target Lat/Long output allows you to interface the FCV-588 with your Frununo chart plotter so that you can mark fishing grounds with various information depth, water temp, fish size and bottom type.

Furuno FCV-295 - 10.4" Sounder for offshore fisherman

Furuno FCV-295

Reach those big depths with awesome clarity and target separation. The FCV-295 is a colour digital sounder designed for the fisherman that is keen to fish off shore.

It features a bonded 10.4″ LCD display providing superior viewing even in direct sunlight. You can display echoes in 8,16 or 64 colours, with colour assignment dependent on strength of the returned echo.

You can purchase a 1,2 or 3kw transducer to compliment the depth or water you are fishing in.

Furuno FCV-TZTL12F - 12" with Multi Function Display

Furuno FCV-TZTL12F

The Furuno TZTL12F has a colour multi-function display, sounder & GPS combo.

This unit can be recessed into the dash or mounted on the top of the dash. Having it mounted into the dash reduces risk of theft while away traveling. You have a choice of 3 different transducers – a 50/200kHz transmission power or a 600w/1kW transducer. A thru hull transducer can be fitted to the vessel or maybe you prefer a chirp transducer.

This awesome unit can also interface with radar and auto pilot. This unit is for the serious fisherman that enjoys of shore reef fishing. Combined with a remote controller so you don’t have to touch the screen.

Furuno GP1971F chirp Fish Finder and chart plotter

Furuno GP1971F

The Furuno GP1971F displays some powerful technology in a compact 9″ chart plotter with built in Chirp fish finder, that you can match to your choice of transducer.

With the finger gestures (one or two fingers) you can either zoom in, zoom out, double tap to capture a screenshot that will be saved directly to your micro SD card. You can even jump in to full screen mode when using split screen display mode.

The NAVpilot-300 auto pilot can be connected & controlled directly from the chart plotter.

Furuno Nav Pilot 300 - Enjoy a whole new level of navigation

Furuno Nav Pilot 300

The Furuno Nav Pilot 300 is the coolest way to steer your boat on those long trips to the outer reef.

With the NAVPilot 300’s unique hand controller, Fantum Feedback steering and self-learning software, you will enjoy a whole new level of navigation with ease and peace of mind.

The Nav Pilot 300 can do all the hard work when returning from those long shelf trips in 25knot winds. Each time the boat goes to sea, the software learns about sea conditions and automatically calculate the best adjustments for a smooth steering experience.

Furuno Radar - More Fisherman realizing the benefits of Radar

Furuno Radar Systems

The Furuno Radar Systems have been around for many years in commercial operation.

More and more fisherman are realizing the benefits of radar on their vessel. Furuno were one of the first radars in the world to use the exclusive target analyser function. Targets that are approaching your vessel automatically change colour to help you identify potentially dangerous targets. Green echo’s targets that stay stationary, or are moving away from you, while red echoes are hazardous targets that are moving towards your vessel.

Echoes dynamically change colours as targets approach or get farther away from your vessel. Target Analyzer improves situational awareness and can increase safety by showing you which targets to look out for.


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