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Mayfairs Marine manufacture and distribute the Redco & Tinka range of trailers, they have been manufacturing for over 40 years and have stood the test of time. Watsons Marine Centre have been selling Redco Trailers since started in 1966. Australian made with Australian Steel very rare these days. Once again, a family business with very personal service, we at Watsons Marine Centre prefer to support Australian Family Owned Businesses.

They manufacture Galvanized Boat Trailers to suit all kind of vessels for us, they are built tough to perform and last using the latest quality components and 350/450 Aussie Steel. Some brands require the trailer to be fully submerged for loading and unloading – not so with the Redco range of trailers keeping the trailer as dry as possible which will not only help in the maintenance and cleaning but makes loading & unloading effortless. At Watsons Marine Centre we have a range of trailers from the 3.7m Light weight with 10” wheels up, on the other sizes we prefer to use 13” wheels as they tow easer. Redco Trailers come standard complete with 13” wheels and radial tires, deep V design helps with loading & unloading, Galvanized Mudguards with steps, Galvanized Axle, Springs & Hubs, Snap lock Couplings, LED Lights and 2 years Warranty. There are many upgrades we can add to the standard trailer to suit your application. Marine Centre

Selection is important

Selecting the right boat trailer is extremely important. The size and shape of the boat requires a trailer where the boat is correctly supported. In the manufacturing process Mayfair’s design, a range of trailers that provide a variety of features to ensure your boat, no matter what size, is cradled correctly and can be unloaded and loaded with ease. The Gross Mass Trailer (GTM), total weight of boat and trailer, requires special attention to ensure overloading never occurs and braking requirements under various state authorities are strictly followed. Today can become quite complicated when it comes to towing, Call Watsons Marine Centre on 54822135, building trailers, knowing the rules and regulations today helps us to help you with all your trailer requirements. We can help you choose the right trailer for your vessel keeping you, your family & fishing buddies safe when travelling.

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