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Garmin Electronics

As the leading, worldwide provider of navigation, Garmin is committed to making superior products for not only marine but for the automotive, aviation, outdoor and sports industries.

We all some of these products and they are an essential part of our lives. Garmin keeps all design, manufacturing, marketing and warehouse processes in-house, giving them more control over timelines, quality and service.

Garmin user-friendly products are not only sought after for their compelling design, superior quality and best value, but also the ultra-high definition scanning sonar delivering awesome clear images of the fish below and around the boat at greater depths. The clarity and detail of the fish, rocks and structures below are very much defined.

Garmin 7410XSV with  Chirp Transducer

Garmin 8410XSV Touch

The crystal clear 8410XSV multi touch widescreen colour chartplotter/sounder combo. It has a multi touch widescreen display (1280 x 800 WXGA) with worldwide basemap.

The unit provides so much with Dual CHIRP sonar plus CHIRP ClearVu and CHIRP SideVu scanning sonar with the clearest images or the Thru-Hull high sensitivity transducer.

This unit can be mounted into your dash or mounted straight onto the top of the dash with included bracket.

Garmin 1022XSV 10" Screen

Garmin 1022XSV

The Garmin 1022XSV has a 10″ colour display, with the keypad interface and multifunction control knob. Experience an advanced all-in-one solution, with an awesome processor and awesome resolution. High sensitivity internal 10hz GPS and GLONASS receiver. Features a large, bright screen coupled with a quick and easy to use keypad interface with user programmable keys and a multi function control knob. This unit can be linked to Garmin Autopilot, Garmin Dome Radar & refreshes your heading & position 10 times every second. Both NMEA 0183 and 2000 compatible. Physical size 318mm x 185mm x 69mm Blue Chart G2 and Transducer of your choice to complete your package.

Garmin 1222XSV 12" Screen with Control knobs

Garmin 1222XSV

The Garmin 12″ 1222XSV is the big brother to the 10″, with same features but bigger screen for better vision. 12″ colour display with keypad interface and multi function control knob.

Built in Garmin CHIRP Sonar, CHIRP CLearVu and CHIRP SideVu scanning sonar and Panoptix support.

Full network capable for Garmin Marine Network and NMEA 2000 plus NMEA 0183 support allowing to interface with radar, auto pilot. 1kW single-channel CHIRP sonar provides crystal clear images with remarkable target separation and definition.

Garmin 1222XSV with 12" Touch Screen

Garmin 1222XSV Touch

The Garmin 1222XSV Touch has a dimension of 33cm x 22.cm x 7.9cm same as the 1022XSV but without the control knobs.

Fit the G2 vision card and enjoy Auto Route features and let your autopilot do the driving for you.

Interface with NMEA 0183 and 2000 components and your helm station becomes a one stop shop for your vessel.

A variety of transducers are compatible for this unit.

Garmin 8412XSV

The Garmin 8412XSV is also the big brother to the 8410XSV 12-inch multi touch widescreen display (1280 x 800 WXGA). This set is designed for the sportfisherman, cruisers, sailors and sailing racers who demand high performance, ease of operation and feature integration in a chartplotter/sonar combo.

This beauty is our biggest seller, just big enough to fit in the dash. Full network compatibility allows you to add more capabilities to your boat. The handy auto pilot & radar for those foggy mornings and rainy trips back to port. An ultimate unit.

Garmin Thru Hull Transducer

Garmin Thru Hull Transducer

Very popular thru hull transducer. This stainless steel thru-hull mount transducer performs well at high speeds and with tilted elements it is an excellent choice for fiberglass and metal hulls alike.

No worries about breaking it off the transom when putting the boat up onto the beach, or boat ramps. An excellent choice for fiberglass and metal hulls. This 8-pin transducer is available in both 600w and 1kW.

This device has an operating frequency of 50 to 200 kHz, a beam width of 45 to 12 degrees. It is a wonderful option for a lot of Garmin UNITS.

Garmin Chirp Transducer Transom Mount

Garmin CHIRP Transducer

The CHIRP Transducer – a transom mounted transducer consistently displays fish arches as well as clear pictures of objects, structures and fish that pass below your boat.

Transducer cable with built-in fast response temperature sensor. Different transducers have different power ratings and different capabilities, whether it be CHIRP sonar or CHIRP ClearVu/SideVu excellent target separation is achieved.

This transducer suits the shallow water fisherman who wants it all and more.

Garmin - Fantom 18 - 48 Mile Radar

Garmin - Fantom 18 Radar- 48 Mile

The Garmin range of radars are ever evolving, delivering higher resolution than our previous generation. The “No Transmit Zone” protects areas behind the radar from being radiated while providing full forward looking radar capability. The GMR18XHD has dual range operation which allows fully independent split screen display of far and close radar views in full 8 bit colours with a range of 48nm. It’s intuitive operation makes modes and settings simple to understand so you can enjoy great performance without a lot of technical know-how. There are options available to suit whatever you want from your radar. Give us a call today if you are thinking of adding a radar to complete your electronics package.


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