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Mayfair’s Marine manufacture Tinka Galvanized Trailers for boats form 4.90m to 8.00m Single, Dual & Tri Axle configuration with keel rollers and muti-roller support. They come standard with load sharing suspension, 13” Power coated wheels & light truck tyres, various brake options – manual override, or electric hydraulic, galvanized axles, springs, hubs & couplings, spare wheel & spare wheel bracket, swing away jockey wheel, LED lighting and Checker Plate Mud Guards. The Tinka range of galvanized trailers are made from Australian steel unlike many manufactures today.

Mayfair’s Marine have been building trailers for over 40 years and their experience in building trailers is priceless, very much like Watsons Marine Centre having over 50 years’ experience in selling trailers, that gets you, your family and your friends there safely. Transporting your boat safely isn’t difficult–it’s a matter of choosing the right towing equipment, using common sense when loading and unloading your boat and being confident with the techniques for driving safely with a trailer.         


  • Is the width and length of the trailer suitable for the size of your boat?
  • Is the weight capacity of the trailer suitable for the weight of your boat?
  • Is the towing capacity of your vehicle suitable for the weight of your boat?
  • Does your trailer require trailer brakes – Manual Override or Hydraulic according to ADR regulations?
  • Do you have the right trailer plug connection to operate the lights correctly?
  • Do you know what type of wheel bearings you have on your trailer?
  • Does the coupling suit the size of your vehicle’s tow hitch ball and is it the right size for the tonnage you are towing?
  • Is the trailer equipped with mandatory ‘closed-loop’ safety chains, the right no of chains & size of shackles?
  • All of these things are important today when towing.

Upgrade Your Trailer

If your boat is still in great condition and are you going to keep it for some time, now is the time to upgrade to an aluminium or another galvanized trailer. If your boat trailer is starting to get tied, trade up now, before your old trailer it is not worth anything to trade. You do not want to leave you family on the road today while you go for help. The trailer is so important, it’s what’s gets you there and returns you safely to home.

Call us today for a price on a new trailer or fill out the inquiry form and send.