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The Perfect Boat

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Buying a Boat

In a perfect world, if we could all afford multiple boats—maybe one for fishing offshore with the guys & family on Saturday and another for sandbar hopping with the family on Sunday. In the real world, though, many of us invest in one boat that we hope can do it all. If fishing and family time are your top priorities, a half cabin design like the Vindicator range of half cabin boats make sense. Some powerboats prioritise inboard accommodation to the point where they have very little back deck space, while some open boats minimise the features list, to the point where they are little more than a day fishing boat and the proper express cruiser is something altogether more impressive for cruising.

The multipurpose features of the Vindicator Half Cabin vessels are most evident in the cockpit. Plenty of rod holders, high freeboard making it safe for the family and very kind to you & your crew, when fishing all day & night, padded coaming bolsters, live bait tank & deck wash pump, kill tank or storage bin designed to appeal to anglers. At the same time, you can have fold-down seats, great place to plop the kids or extra crew, a freshwater shower at the transom, for use after a day of tubing / skiing or ­­a saltwater swim. It can offer you the space to have breakfast with family & friends on the deck, provide you with a superior venue for entertaining and bestow the shelter of a well-appointed front cabin. The rear deck storm covers allow extra bedding on the back deck, low camp stretchers that fold down into a small package are perfect for when you decide to camp down for the night. Great comfort, when taking off on those all-important family holidays & camping overnight.

To the true offshore fisherman, the back-deck space is critical, room for eskies, fishing rods, live bait tanks, kill tanks and crew. By choosing a half cabin it has great value when coming home from that offshore trip especially when the weather turns dirty.

Boating improves your quality of life & releases stress– Once you are on the water, you will find how easy it is to leave your troubles behind and enjoy nature for what it has to offer, recent research found that 68% of boaters surveyed showed that boating relieved their stress, simply breathing in the fresh air coming off the water in itself can go a long way toward one’s health.

But most of all Boating is Fun. The top reason to get into boating is simply because it’s so much fun, with lots of activities to explore when it comes to boating. Whether you love crabbing, fishing, cruising there is a perfect boat for you & your family.

If you’re new to boating, take heart, you’ll be out on the water before you know it.  

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn how to go boating within the waters nearby, don’t think you are on your own, a wealth of experience, in fact over 50 years is available from your local dealer, along with a variety of different packages that may suit your needs